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Our Message

Investment in the Human Capital is a top priority of Jordan & the Middle East overall vision in achieving overall economic development and boom. continuous education through professional high quality training will create this solid efficient human resource base for a powerful economy. As part of meeting the growing business market needs for continuous & professional education, we established our training center in 2012 to offer the labor market with the needed professional assistance through our extended education programs in cooperation with specialized international Institutes.


من واقع الرؤية الكاملة لحاجات سوق العمل في الأردن والشرق الأوسط، فإننا نجد أن مكانة التدريب قد أخذت أولوية كبرى فى منظور هذه الرؤية العامة ، وذلك من خلال الاهتمام بمستوى تدريبي ذي جودة عالية والاستثمار فى كل ما هو جديد فى مجال التدريب لتكوين قاعدة مهنية متميزة وذلك إيمانا بأن الاستثمار فى العنصر البشرى يعد أمثل الاستثمارات التى تهدف لدفع عجلة التطوير والتقدم . نظراً لنمو حاجة سوق العمل إلى التعليم المهنى ، فإننا ومن واقع خبرتنا الطويلة فى مجال التدريب والتعلم المستمر ارتأينا أن نمد سوق العمل المحلي والإقليمي باحتياجات التدريب المهنى والتطوير الإدارى وذلك من خلال تقديم العديد من البرامج التدريبية الدولية بالتعاون مع المؤسسات والجمعيات الأمريكية والكندية المتخصصة.

Our Vision

We aim to become the leader in the field of certification training and consultancy in Jordan and the Middle East


نسـعى لأن نصبح المؤسسة التدريبية الرائدة في منطقة الشرق الأوسط فى مجال التدريب الإدارى المهنى و تقديم الشهادات المهنية الدولية والاستشارات.

Our Mission

Develop and apply training programs and methodologies that serve to link applicants with domestic and international work environment. Ensure that applicants keep their skills and knowledge right up to date throughout their professional careers. Establish grounds for applicants to discover resources, innovative and strategic points of view Graduate Internationally Certified Professionals


تطوير وتطبيق استراتيجية متطورة فى مجال التدريب الإداري والمهنى تربط بدورها المتدربين ببيئة العمل المحلية والدولية . تجهيز المتدربين بأحدث المناهج التدريبة العالمية التى يتطلبها سوق العمل المحلي والإقليمى . ربط حاصلي الشهادات المهنية الدولية مع المؤسسات التعليمية والمعاهد والجمعيات المهنية الدولية للاستفادة من خبراتها والتعرف على كل ما هو جديد تخريج عدد من القادة المعتمدين دولياً .

“ Because of the rapid change and progress that we live in, we feel that we need to update our information, skills and knowledge in our scientific specializations to keep pace with the developments in today's highly competitive business environment. Your ambition and your desire to learn will urge you to seek international professional certification to boost your knowledge and skills. You will be very lucky if you find someone who can help you achieve your ambition and make your dream come true as UITI training institute, which offered me the opportunity to enroll in the “Chartered Economist ChE” certification program of the GAFM and become a pioneer in the Kingdom and the Middle East to obtain this global prestigious certification . I invite and recommend all my colleagues, especially the economists, to take this 3D opportunity to learn, enjoy a comfortable site and to experience the magnificent and thoughtful management at UITI. ”

Abeer Amereh, MsF, ChE
Senior Economist - Head of Macro Fiscal Unit - Ministry of Finance

“ It was a wonderful and value added opportunity for me to enroll in the CICCM Certification program at UITI Institute. This course provided me a lot of knowledge and assistance in my field which depends on the formulation of the different procurement contracts. Lectures were enjoyable and included discussions and sharing of experiences by all participants coming from different industries backgrounds. It will be a pleasure for me to participate in other courses and in particular those associated with this type of certification. ”

Rana Obaid, PHD, CICCM
Purchase Contract Supervisor, Islamic International Arab Bank

“ UITI is a great, cozy and amazing Training Center in Amman... I had amazing moments and memories in UITI Training Center. I would like to take this opportunity to talk about the UITI Training Center staff starting from lovable, helpful, and amazing women, Faten - for her support to all trainees to get what they need from training courses. She offered complete solutions with wide future visions for each trainee in his/her career path. Regarding UITI instructors, UITI has great, helpful, knowledgeable, superior and the smartest instructors who have perfect ways to make the course and the exams smoothly handled. I took three courses in UITI: CPP, CICCM, and CISCM Certification programs which helped me boost in my career path. So I recommend this Training center for all Supply chain related courses. Thanks a lot UITI for your support, and without you I think that I couldn’t be here “in this position in a very short time”. ”

Eng. Hamzah Adaileh, CPP, CISCM, CICCM
Mechanical Engineer - Procurement team leader, Iraq Gates Contracting company ( IGCC)

“ The CISCM, CICCM & CIPP courses/ certificates had been extremely beneficial to me in many ways. First of all, I felt the tutors have been extremely professional and supportive. The materials I got gave me an understanding of the criteria as to what and how candidates are expected to answer in the exam. Secondly, through those courses, I have got access to a variety of useful resources and references. In addition, it has improved my qualifications to fit senior challenging supply chain positions. Finally, I am really grateful to the whole team of UITI for all the help they have extended to me. ”

Eng. Ala’a Al-kharabsheh, CISCM, CICCM, CPP
Supply Chain Manager at KADDB

“ One of the best courses that i had taken at UITI was the CICCM ( Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager) as the center provided one of the best trainers in this field. Very rich materials, professional setup, and constant follow up from the center to make sure all students are on the right track to obtain this certificate. It wasn't long after obtaining the CICCM certificate that i registered for the CISCM ( Certified International Supply Chain Manager), CIPP (Certified International Purchasing Professional), CPP (Certified Purchasing Professional), CIPT (Certified International Professional Trainer). Providing the same professional services for these courses as well. It was a turning point in my job obtaining such professional certificates from UITI that enriched my knowledge and boosted my career advancement at work. Thank you UITI (represented by Faten Othman) who invested all her efforts to support the professionals in these fields. ”

Procurement Senior Officer, Umniah Telecommunication

“ CIPT (Certified International Professional Trainer) course developed me personally and professionally as a trainer. During this course I have discovered passions in life that I never knew I had, providing me with unforgettable experiences and a lot of knowledge. In addition the course has taught me new skills and cemented some existing ones increment goes to our instructor Dr. Ahmed Shuhaiber for that. When studying at UITI you achieve much more than just a certificate. You gain knowledge and power, not to forget the impact in your character that makes you realize what you want to achieve with your career. I really recommend this course to anyone whether you have experience or not, this course is great for everybody! Finally I would like to thank you UITI represented by Ms. Faten Othman and the training coordinator Ms. Nada Khasawneh, for their very good support & being always very helpful! Great experience will recommend for anyone who wants to up skill!! Thank you so much!! :) ”

Dhiaa Kassim, PhD, CIPT
Senior Supervisor, Royal Jordanian

“ المعلومات الحديثة , التطبيقات العملية ، الأمثلة الواقعية ؛ هذا ما وجدته في برنامج " شهادة مدير موارد بشرية معتمد " الذي تعقده مؤسسة الوسائط المتحدة لموظفي ومديري الموارد البشرية. فحصولي على هذه الشهادة المعتمدة يعتبر أحد أفضل ما حققته إلى الآن على صعيد حياتي المهنية ، فقد فتحت لي آفاقا كبيرة في سوق العمل ، وأحدثت نقلة نوعية في مساري الوظيفي الذي بدأته قبل سنوات. فالمؤسسة تلتزم بمعايير تدريب متقدمة : تجهيزات تدريبية متقدمة ، مدربون أكفاء ومؤهلون على أعلى مستوى ، مادة علمية متطورة وحديثة ، إضافة إلى التعاون الكبير فيما يتعلق بالإجراءات ، ابتداء من لحظة الانتساب للبرنامج وانتهاء بالحصول على الشهادة الصادرة من الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية. شكرا للوسائط المتحدة أن وضعتني على المسار الصحيح في مهنتي. ”

Shawqi al baker, CHRM, CIPT
HR & Human Development, Americana

“ It was a great opportunity for me to enroll in the CFC Certification program at the pioneering UITI Institute which provides unique services and courses not just locally, but also regionally. On the other hand, the world today is very dynamic and even more dynamic and quickly changing is the business environment. Subsequently, a finance specialist must have solid knowledge in all areas of business, including excellent analytical skills and quick decision making capabilities. From my point of view, for persons pursuing finance careers, the CFC certification is the most adequate and helpful program to distinguish their excellence and to respond to those challenges of the business environment. Indeed, successful completion of the CFC is surely a validation of the ability of employee, but also demonstrates the commitment and willingness of the individual to make an investment in his or her professional future. Finally I'm very thankful to the UITI team for their support especially; the great leader (Faten) and the awesome coordinator (Nada), both of you were incredibly patient, professional, enthusiastic, friendly and just a joy to work with. I highly recommend UITI for those looking for excellence in the future careers. ”

Morad Abdel-Halim, Economist, MBA, CFC, CSP, CIPT
General Budget Department, Minsitry of Finance

“ I have spent nearly 18 years in working, researching, analyzing and studying, I was usually proud of myself and the information that obtained, but I've always longed for something that can touch the energy in my inside and take my hand in order to achieve the goals that dream in. The Certified Strategic Planner (CSP) course, was that real thing that has deeply touched my inside and put me at the beginning of a structured and codified road; it made me stimulating my will to make differences in others’ lives. I recommend to the entire world to hurry up to the 6th circle and have the CSP by UITI. I wish you more success and progress UITI family. ”

Abdel Karim Al-Wardat, CSP, CIPT
Project Coordinator, Public Security Directorate

“ UITI is a specialized and professional training center with friendly environment, expert trainers and management. "I strongly recommend it. ”

Rasha Amin Adi, CFC
Accounting Manager, Food Investment Service Company (TCHE TCHE Cafe & Fitness One Group-Vega)

“ UITI provides the power to change people attitudes to develop their skills.. Great instructors! ”

Housam Al Rifae, CICCR
Call Center Team Leader, Bank Al Etihad

“ I had a pleasant time in Amman and professionally fruitful at the CIPT Training (Certified International Professional Trainer). I would call the CIPT Training quite a high intensity training. The training required all my attention these two weeks and I gained a valuable experience towards being an international trainer. Hana al'Araj is a great trainer. UITI: Great materials, resourceful training, friendly and dedicated staff, professional and smart. Looking forward to training with UITI again. ”

Maria Pintea, CIPT
Industrial Engineer, PhD Researcher at Cranfield University

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